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Audri delivers mystic poetry in her theatrical pop single, Fortune Teller.

If you’ve ever looked to the occult with desperation to find something promising, next time, you might want to check out Audri’s latest dark pop single, Fortune Seller, instead.

With soulful vocals that find themselves between the Cranberries, Bjork and Kate Bush, the dark, spacey electronic release is arresting from the first note until the last.

Audri may be fresh from inception, but she’s already racking up more than 100k streams with her decadently demure vocal timbre, which is perfectly complemented by artfully atmospheric guitars, ominous droning synths and fierce percussion that almost brings a tribal element tracks such as Fortune Teller. All things considered, Fortune Teller is an alchemic cocktail of finesse and style. We can’t wait to hear more.

Check out Audri on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Classically trained London singer-songwriter Libby Phippard has released her latest single, ‘Please Don’t Ask Me to Stay’.

Libby Phippard

London singer-songwriter Libby Phippard’s latest single, ‘Please Don’t Ask Me to Stay’ is the kind of revival needed to keep classical music relevant in 2021.

With her operatic training, background in classical music and tendency to draw influence from everyone from Hozier to Ariana Grande, her latest ballad is a theatrical release that doesn’t allow any of the pain of a relationship expiring to hide behind smoke and mirror. Instead, it bridges the gap between those grandiose lovesongs that have always been around and the common experience of romantic duality.

It is criminal for singles such as Please Don’t Ask Me to Stay to be relegated to soundtracks. If society can see the beauty in acts such as Daughter and Tom Odell, there’s no reason why the same affection can’t be found in Libby Phippard’s timeless sound.

Please Don’t Ask Me to Say is due for official release on March 12th. You can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud. Head over to the artist’s official website for more info.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

BexX feat. Lady Nade remind us that optimism isn’t cancelled with ‘All That You Dream’

For their latest single, ‘All That You Dream’, Bristol, UK-hailing artist BexX teamed up with Lady Nade and went bolder than ever with their ‘Genrefluid’ sound. Non-conformity has never sounded more soulful.

Jazzy, sultry, eclectic, and infinitely sublime are all apt adjectives to allude to the dynamic mesmerism on offer in All That You Dream, but discernibly, the single offers much more than words alone ever could. The theatrically baroque soundscape conjures plenty of imagery as it invites the listener to cast away nihilism and pessimism when taking the next step. As plenty of people are now in the position of not having much of a choice in taking change in their stride, there’s no danger of over-exaggerating how essential All That You Dream is.

The humbly artful exhibition of mould-breaking talent provides 4:32-absolving minutes of escapism which simultaneously reassures you that optimism isn’t cancelled.

You can check out All That You Dream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast