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The Vouchers struck a raw nerve with the melodic malaise in their alt-post-punk seminal release, Dead History

OYEZ! by The Vouchers

The Vouchers’ standout single, Dead History, from their debut album OYEZ! doesn’t break the post-punk mould; it is a sublime continuation of the disorder initiated by Joy Divison, infused with the melodic malaise of Dinosaur Jr.

Driven by the creative synergy of Mark Langston, Tom Brown, and Matt Clifton, the three-piece intertwines satirical observational poetry with a distinctive North East twang, resulting in unapologetically raw, eloquently monochromatic chemistry.

Dead History captures the essence of The Vouchers’ distinct approach; the track is a sonic labyrinth where angular hooks meet the cold tonalities of an ennui-laden atmosphere, and sparse lyrics become poignant bursts of clarity. The minimalist lyricism of Dead History might initially seem understated, but every word hangs in the air of the release that ticks all the right post-punk boxes.

If you’re looking for a new indie band to get behind, you’ll need to keep the pace as The Vouchers make their inevitably rapid ascent.

Stream and purchase Dead History on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast