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The Victorious Mr Bitey Face

For Gus: Brad Sanders drops terrific new single The Victorious Mr Bitey Face

Inspired by an 85-pound German Shepherd who now has a theme track, Brad Sanders is rather special on the splendid new single to heal all wounded spirits called The Victorious Mr Bitey Face.

Brad Sanders is a Sacramento, California-based indie rock drummer and songwriter who is the kind of multi-instrumentalist dreams are made of.

Originally a drummer and still very much so, Brad began exploring the guitar, piano, bass, and in 2017 built his home studio that allowed him uninterrupted recording time.” ~ Brad Sanders

Taken off the 14-track album called Hats, Brad Sanders spellbinds our emotions on this 80’s fused stunner to take us into a happier place. This is an excellent instrumental song which will ease the worries of so many who just want to forget tour carnage-filled current days.

The Victorious Mr Bitey Face from Sacramento, California-based rock drummer and songwriter Brad Sanders is a tremendous single to get eager about. Lacerating through the skin and panting with a happy face, this is a wonderful song to place on loud when life gets a little too much.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen