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The Stars Told Me To

Get Me Out Of Here: Kid Kenny drops 3-track EP to soothe all the pain away on ‘The Stars Told Me To’

As he plays by his own rules and refuses to be placed into any stuffy box which he doesn’t feel comfortable inside, Kid Kenny shines bright with his latest 3-track EP called ‘The Stars Told Me To‘.

Kid Kenny aka Cobatine, is a Montreal, Quebec-based indie emo Hip-Hop artist and gamer, who is a mashup of two different personalities which allows his original thinking to truly blossom.

I know I’m a weird kid to understand, but I know that my creations can definitely make a positive impact in people’s lives.” ~ Kid Kenny

There are three equally well thought-out tracks that starts off with the you-don’t-need-to-know-my-name in ‘OUTRR SPAC3‘, followed by the deeply constructed bully-filled story full of endured pain that needs to ease called ‘ANG3LS CRY TOO‘. He ends off proceedings with probably the pick of the bunch with the bass-punched ‘3ND OF MY WORLD‘, which will have your mind warped into a galaxy above in this cinematic transporter.

The Stars Told Me To‘ from the Montreal, Quebec-based indie emo Hip-Hop artist and gamer Kid Kenny, is a space-filled journey that has you strapping up and getting out of this abnormal world. With so much passion in his lungs which is heartily felt on each of these meaningful tracks – this is a truly unique artist who uses music to release all that built up stress – that can be released in his truly different music style.

Art is all about creating what you love after all, as it has the special power to heal all pain.

Hear this new EP on Spotify and find out more about this inspiring artist being himself on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen