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The Sleeping Man Awakes

Staying Up All Night: The Sleeping Man Awakes captures the moment perfectly on ‘A.T.M.O.T.’

With a sweeping sound that knocks all the cobwebs out of your sleepy brain, The Sleeping Man Awakes takes us a for a star-gazing high on his mesmerizing new single called ‘A.T.M.O.T.’

Blackpool-born, Stockport in Manchester-based The Sleeping Man Awakes, is a focused EDM producer/writer, who pushes the boundaries of what is consciously possible with a wondrous fusion of magnificent ear-bending soundscapes, to satisfy your eager ears for healing through music.

He lifts the lid off and back on again at the same time, with a warping energy of a man who has experienced the energetic highs and bone-snapping lows of the music world, his sound is uplifting and dark at the same time. You imagine listening to this at a now-closed nightclub, the electric crowd alive like hungry vampires, their music thirst like none other as they let their bodies take them wherever the music goes.

A.T.M.O.T.’ from Manchester-based The Sleeping Man Awakes, is a spectacular amalgamation of luscious sounds morphed into an impressive array of dance beats, that will certainly catch your attention rather quickly.

Dazzle your ears on Spotify and find out more about his fascinating musician on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen