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The fascinating story of: Nightmarine by Kaya & The Science of the Lamps drop incredible rotoscoped video

Nightmarine‘ from Kaya & The Science is a gloriously made new single with fascinating visuals to match.

Nightmarine‘ is packed with with real stories of Kaya’s father’s career marine biologist, the loss and grief felt after losing a loved parent, this is the life of a human dealing with the ups and downs of staying positive afterwards. This can be somber but you feel hopeful, this is a musician who believes that there is light out there.

Their inspiration comes from vaudeville, visual art, early Hollywood movie scores, Nordicana, wine, flamenco, trip-hop, music boxes, Paris and whiskey bars. This is an act with a wide-range of influences, they music is varied and this visual video gives us further insight into their style.

Nightmarine‘ from Kaya & The Science is a lovely music video, the vocals are glassy and crisp, the sounds keep you hooked throughout. This is a creative song that is so real, the story is about loss and also how to stay strong. A marvellous effort from this fine outfit that are surely going to get lots of attention from music fans.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen