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The Rumble Skulls return with lyric video for ‘Understand’

UK band The Rumble Skulls rock in with their brand new star gazed indie pop song called ‘Understand‘.

The 3 piece English band are in introspective mood here and this is a visual lyric music video that will satisfy all music tastes. This is about finding solace and getting that wonderland in your heart. The journey can be long especially if you are with the wrong person.

Singer-songwriter Michael Featherstone is the heart of the group and his creative lyrics take you on a real life story of finding yourself. The vocals are soothing and the musical accompaniment dazzles the ears with its spacey energy that takes your mind to the stars.

The Rumble Skulls from the UK do well here on ‘Understand‘ and are in flourishing form on their latest single. They are a tight-knit team who clearly love preforming together. This is a fantastic visual video that is a pleasure to watch and the sounds take you into a real place.

Stream here on YouTube for this introspective track.

Check out the Facebook page for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Rumble Skulls – Gentle: Romantic Rock n Roll

The Rumble Skulls, AKA songwriter & guitarist Michael Featherstone has just released his latest single Gentle, and it’s exactly what it says on the tin. Soft and persuasive yet equally ground breaking and dark as he works with his raw talents to create an ode to a lucky gentle soul. It’s a mixed bag of Rock, Soul and Pop and you can’t really argue with the results!

Gentle is a soulful mix of upbeat guitar over a wonderfully orchestrated composition, accompanied by Marcello’s pained angelic vocals. Yorkshire, based The Rumble Skulls have the talent to create a sound stronger than a Yorkshire Teabag. As the track progresses, The Rumble Skulls takes you on a journey of pure emotion accompanied by a cacophony of deftly played instrumentals to create a track you really can’t fault! Having said that, Gentle isn’t a typical track from The Rumble Skulls, their earlier works are infinitely darker which matches their whole Grunge Rock aesthetic.

The Rumble Skulls debut album is currently in the making, due for release in 2018, in the meantime check out the official music video to Gentle via YouTube using the link below:

For more info on the upcoming release of the album check the official Rumble Skulls Website:

The Rumble Skulls Release Slick Rock Pop Track ‘Divided’

Never judge a book by its cover or indeed a band by the implications of its title. Despite a name that suggests something more edgy and aggressive, Michael Featherstone, the man driving this musical vehicle actually does a neat line in slick pop rock. It deftly wanders between modern post-genre pop blends and the new pop quest of the post-punk era.

Divided confidently wanders the pop-rock divide, pulling at infectious synth threads from one side and adding enough rock drive and beat from the other to take things into some brilliantly playful and dynamic realms. The result is a mature but accessible song built on sharp beats and a groovesome rhythm, a sweet yet wonderfully understated chorus and more hooks than a Peter Pan convention.