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The Ruby Tears launch their first ‘Satellite’ and are about to hit orbit

Formed at the start of the first Covid 19 lockdown in March by Manchester musician and former frontman of John Peel punk-pop picks The Bloody Marys John Goodfellow and Jeff Skellon (former bassist with 80’s Liverpool favourites Lalabambam), ‘The Empty Heart EP’ – the third (yes count ‘em) release from The Ruby Tears – shows just what can be achieved by ‘remote working’, Goodfellow and Skellon not (yet) actually having met in the flesh.

Working instead from their respective home studios during the pandemic, with ‘Satellite’ the pair have crafted a piece of classic, seventies-styled-yet-updated New Wave pop-rock in the vein of The Attractions, The Stanglers, or Magazine.

There’s some stellar guitar work from Skellon, all percussive muted strumming and mellow, ‘woman-tone’ lead, Goodfellow’s vocal laid-back and gruff in the way that all good rock music should be, the ‘with the words you never said’ refrain sticking around long after the final notes of Skellon’s guitar have died away. ‘Classic’ is an overused word these days, but ‘Satellite’ is a slice of classic New Wave in the best possible way; climb on board with The Ruby Tears, because there’s every chance this is going to go stellar.

The ‘Empty Heart EP’ drops across streaming platforms on the 4th December. You can listen to ‘Satellite’ on Bandcamp, and follow The Ruby Tears on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes


UK online collaboration The Ruby Tears drop (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love and Understanding?

(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding? by The Ruby Tears

The Ruby Tears drop a true throwback with their truthful (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love and Understanding

Born from the weirdness of 2020. To date, The Ruby Tears has been an entirely online collaboration between Manchester solo musician John Goodfellow and Liverpool guitarist and songwriter Jeff Skellon. These two form a terrific team and this is a delightful offering that reminds you of the good days. This is real music, made with that extra bit of time that is quite rare.

This is about walking through the world and thinking about all this crazy things going on. Is all hope lost or can we be better as humanity. Made with that authentic feel, this new gem has two legendary musicians in grand form with a blend of rock that is a blessing during these wild times in the world.

From the The Bloody Marys and Lalabambam days, John and Jeff have a skill like very few around, the vocals are soaked in truths learnt on the open road and at various music venues all over. The gritty story is a pleasure to the ears and soul. This is that music to play for the whole family. This is that type of song to play on the weekend as this is reflective.

Click here for the Bandcamp page.

Head to the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The Ruby Tears are here with the fantastic single ‘Make Up Smile’

Make Up Smile‘ from The Ruby Tears is one of those songs that makes it all worth it. The Liverpool & Manchester connection dribble up and score such a great goal with this new single.

This duo was born from the womb of the weird life that is Covid Lockdown. Right now, The Ruby Tears has been an entirely online collaboration between Manchester solo musician John Goodfellow and Liverpool guitarist-songwriter Jeff Skellon. Imagine when they can practice live together? The music is already incredible so what comes next could be truly ground-breaking.

Taken off the new EP ‘Fallen Star‘, ‘Make Up Smile’ is a lovely entry in the music world with indie-rock flows and that road trip kind of feel. This is that type of song you turn up loud of leave it, playing it again and again until you are feeling okay.

This is such a classy song, made with such care and the production value is quite scrumptious for the tired ears of 2020. This is that uplifting song for the ages, the vocals grab you and help you carry on. You smile and start to dance around, avoiding burning out from this crazy year that we have all faced. ‘Make Up Smile‘ from The Ruby Tears is an underground gem.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen