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Take a hit on The Glares’ latest mellowly mind-altering single, Cocaine Jane

If tracks could kill, we’d all be stone cold after The Glares’ latest single, Cocaine Jane; take a hit and get high on the nostalgically mellow melodies which prise influence from The Velvet Underground, The Rolling Stones, The Stone Roses, and the Stooges and shimmer through the affluence of pure unbridled soul filtered through a kaleidoscopic lens.

Even though the sonics conjure an altered state of mind more akin to an acid trip, the Edinburgh-based four-piece of twentysomethings succeeded in unleashing the best Columbian marching powder-themed single since Eric Clapton popularised the single, Cocaine, penned by J.J. Cale in 1976.

With plenty more releases in the pipeline for 2024 after the release of their sophomore single, there is ample scope for the success of The Glares. Their ability to sonically visualise a concept and submerge you in it so deeply you don’t care about coming up for air is unparalleled in the indie rock underground.

Cocaine Jane was officially released on December 1st and is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

How Rock n Roll Legacy Bands Are Bringing in the Future with AI and AR

If the Download 2024 line-up drama which has left rock and metal boomers crying because they won’t see Metallica or Iron Maiden headlining again has taught us anything, it is that rock fans aren’t too partial to change. But that hasn’t gotten in the way of two of the biggest legacy bands bringing in the future by embracing modernity with rapidly evolving AI and AR technology.

If you have been on any social media platform this week, you are probably already aware of the controversy, condemnation and clamouring praise falling around the AI-assisted new release from The Beatles, but The Rolling Stones using Augmented Reality (AR) might have slipped you by. On this page, we’ll cover all that and more to prove that the existential threat of AI may be ever-looming, but for now, it is helping to facilitate creativity and bring bigger and more immersive experiences to fans.

How AI Brought Back the Beatles

With a superlatively unbeatable track record of number 1 hits and a legacy of being one of the most influential bands in history, it would be nothing short of a miracle if any contemporary artist or band beat the Beatles in that regard in today’s music industry. Especially as the mainstream has divided into endless streams of creativity music fans can use to float their sonic boats.

That didn’t stop some from bemoaning The Beatles for using AI to polish a demo which was recorded 45 years ago. One writer for the digital rag, UnHerd, even went as far as to say that the release of ‘Now and Then is a sign of our cultural doom loop’. Josiah Gogarty attempted to be damning in his exposition of the captivatingly haunting single and only succeeded in making it seem infinitely more appealing by describing it as “less a song than a séance, calling forth the warbling and jangling of the dead”.

Was it lost on Gogarty that AI did little more than clean up Lennon’s vocals from a rough demo by separating the background noise? There was nothing artificial about the distinctive rock n roll soul that rang through the release. In fact, it reaffirmed why the world fell head over psychedelic heels for the Beatles when they shot to fame in the early ’60s. Furthermore, McCartney has already confirmed Now and Then will be the final Beatles song; I think we can let the Beatles have one final chart-topper for all they’ve done for the music industry. Even if you aren’t overly fond of their music, which I can’t claim I am, the Beatles still paved the way for and gave inspiration to everyone from Nirvana to My Bloody Valentine to The Smashing Pumpkins to Bowie to Radiohead to Oasis.

The Digitalisation of the Rolling Stones

Seeing the Rolling Stones in a stadium or an arena may take a massive chunk out of your pay packet with most of their standard ticket prices falling above the £100 mark. Thanks to Augmented Reality, their loyal fans can bring them into their living room for a fraction of the cost, all thanks to Snapchat’s AR Studio. Which has been pulling out all the stops for the promotion of the band’s new LP, Hackney Diamonds. How much of a success it will be is yet to be seen. I can’t imagine there is much cross-over on the Rolling Stones fans and Snapchat users’ Venn diagram. Regardless, it is a great opportunity for Stones fans across the globe to be part of this seminal event.

The band’s creative team has worked closely with Snapchat’s AR studio in Paris to unlock an AR experience which will project 3D bitmoji avatars of the band. If you feel inclined, you can get up and dance next to them or ‘snap up’ some digital band tees, because what would a gig be without merch?

This new marketing venture won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and if it isn’t to your taste, that’s fine – they’re hitting the road in 2024, you can catch them then. But don’t let your technological cynicism get in the way of celebrating this landmark move which can allow Stones fans who won’t be able to attend a show in person.

The Dandy Warhols are Psyched Over the Potential of AI

The Dandy Warhols, a band with a rich history in the psychedelic rock scene, expressed excitement about the potential of AI in the realm of art and music in a recent interview with the Dallas Observer. This enthusiasm stems from their long-standing practice of incorporating various tools into their creative process, viewing each technological advancement as a new instrument to enhance their work.

Courtney Taylor-Taylor, the band’s singer-songwriter, likens AI to any other tool that has been invented, suggesting that it should be used to create great work. The band’s latest single, “Summer of Hate,” showcases this embrace of technology with its AI-generated music video, demonstrating the band’s willingness to experiment with new methods of expression.

Despite some concerns about the effects of AI on the recognition of artists’ contributions, The Dandy Warhols remain hopeful about the opportunities AI presents for independent artists to innovate and push the boundaries of their art.

To keep up to date with future evolutions of the music landscape, keep following our blog. For advice on how to keep pace with the music industry in 2024, contact our consultancy team, which can show you the cutting-edge ropes you should be using to keep pushing your career forward.

Article by Amelia Vandergast

Get your blues rock n roll fix with Article 19’s stellar scuzzy hit, Stone Crazy.

Article 19 has been on the rock scene since 2007; with their strongest lineup yet, the Coventry-based outfit is serving up their most raucously robust singles to date.

Their standout single, Stone Crazy, is the perfect introduction to the 70s rock n roll inspired outfit. For the same reasons you fell for the Rolling Stones, Stone Crazy won’t fail to pull you in with the angular bluesy riffs that get plenty of room to breathe in the vintage production that boasts plenty of earworm potential that comes through the clever vocal hooks.

Stone Crazy is the final single to be released from their upcoming album, Without Interference. The official video for Stone Crazy is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Pennan Brae has released single Synergy

Pennan Brae has dropped the latest single ‘Synergy’ pulling many elements from the 80’s Rock scene, to create this loud and electric piece.

Kicking off with a heavy riff on the electric guitar as the hard-hitting drum beat intertwines, they’re not afraid to be loud and crazy and that shows throughout this piece with their own unique twist of pure Rock and Roll that is portrayed throughout.

Having those low-pitched raucous tones to the vocals adding that rough edge as the vocals begin to get higher, Making sure to keep that heaviness throughout each second, with the clash of the instrumentals.

Letting the instrumentals have their moment to shine by adding in that killer shred of the guitar solo and intertwining the thunderous drum beat. Pennan Brae has dropped a real Rock hit with the perfect amount of noise through the instrumentation and the deep vocals.

Check out Pennan Brae’s Synergy by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

TANTRIC CYCLE releases Corona (It’s a long, long story)

TANTRIC CYCLE has dropped the latest release ‘Corona (It’s a long, long story)’. A song based on the way we’re all living at the moment and it’s safe to say it sums it up well.

A rather long piece of music, at a solid seven minutes, with lyrics that portray the truths of the world at hand. Besides the meaning of it, the instrumentation that goes through it is a lot more lively and catchy. Having the fast pace riffs on the guitar and the tap on the drums adding in the electric guitar shreds towards the end.

The vocals are filled with energy and have a rather quiet volume to them, with a soft texture. Halfway through the style changes a little and becomes more of a rock song, as the volume is heightened and the instrumentation becomes slightly heavier.

Listen to TANTRIC CYCLE’s single Corona (It’s a long, long story) by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall

Wilson Blackley releases Pop single Heart Reception: A real uplifting and infectious piece

Now if you’re looking for an artist to listen too, be sure to make it Wilson Blackley. Recently dropping his latest single ‘Heart Reception’, it’s one not to miss. In his words he made it to ‘’try and lift people up in this time of chaos’’ and it certainly couldn’t have come at a better time.

Wilson has an insane vocal range, the tone is in a rather modulated style, it’s rather shrill in places but the roughness that he has to his tone makes hitting them high notes that bit easier. He portrays his talent throughout whether that’s on the guitar or the tone of voice, every part of this track has this reason to make you feel good.

As soon as you listen, your mood is instantly boosted with the pure lively energy that is injected into it, with the plucks on the guitar strings and the rather incredible guitar solos that have been added, whilst adding in this loud hard strum on strings as the volume gets louder and the rather infectious feeling fills the air.

Wilson Blackley has created a song that this year needed, after all the dreadful things we’ve been going through this is just that pick me up that we all need to delve into.

Listen to Wilson Blackley’s latest piece Heart Reception by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

Listen And Sing Along To Benjamin Marshall’s Harmonious “Our Own Key”

Benjamin Marshall is a promising singer songwriter with some cool interesting ideas and a fresh sound that intelligently blends folk, pop and alternative into one distinguishable sound. His song “Our Own Key,” taken straight out of his new album “The Final Giraffe,” showcases his unique style and invites us all to sing along in a message of unity, truly using music as the best tool to bring people together. With bright guitar and organ sounds, a steady beat that carries you along and catchy melodies with lyrics we can relate to, this song definitely has a lot to offer.

Upon first listening to this song, especially as the bridge unfolds, it is very difficult not to imagine the music being played live in front of a crowd that is singing and clapping along joyfully. It is just one of those tracks that carries you along, no matter who or where you are. It has the power to unify people while also showcasing a great ability to craft a good immersive track. Apart from this, the performance quality in the recording also makes it even more obvious that this music should not only be played on the radio but also enjoyed live in concert with the Benjamin Marshall’s energy and that of the rest of the crowd.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

The Thinking Men Release Official Video For Rock Track “I Wanna Be Good”

Rock music has infinite permutations in modern day. Under every genre, there’s a subgenre that hybrids with rock. When folks complain about a lack of rock, they ought to be more specific. Rock is everywhere, but the blues is scarce these days. Other than a few big acts, rock has had to adapt to survive. The Thinking Men seek to remind us of why we like to add rock to our music. They remember where rock came from and they know how to inject the blues into good, energetic bursts of sound creating that feeling we’ve been missing.

Their song I Wanna Be Good lends itself to a fairly simple, formulaic approach. There’s no need for too much going on in the verses as they’re a means to an end, and that end is a rip-snorting time full of aggression and virility. It’s also downright fun. This song has all the raw catchiness of garage rock with the soul and style of blues rock. The Thinking Men have form and function in mind as they bring together all the things you’ve wanted to return in a new package that can keep up with the loudness wars while retaining its rooted dignity. This can be a dangerous game though, reviving old flames. As the lyrics state, if you can’t be good, you’ll wind up dead. Let’s see how long the Thinking Men can stay on that bull and remain good.

-Paul Weyer

The Cubby Creatures Release Trippy Track ‘Jesus Christ You’re Crazy’

It comes as no surprise to find that The Cubby Creatures hail from San Francisco, the city that was the focal point of the beatnik, hippy and psychedelic movements in the past. They seem to have somehow tapped into the ghosts of those broadminded musical experiments and used them as the basis for their own strange sonic adventures.

Jesus Christ You’re Crazy is a wonderful collection of trippy and sonorous vibes, soaring violins and chilled beats, sitting like a wonderful bridge between the psychedelic scene still happening in the back street clubs and underground venues of the city and the whale noises to be found just off of its coast. Their references are often literary, their scope unbounded and their music is like a stoned celestial choir. In my head this is exactly what San Francisco would sound like if its bricks and mortar could make music.