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The Pressed Man

On a Hill: Highline Trail pays the price on that warm summer evening on The Pressed Man

Known best for their award-nominated track from 2022 Emmie, Highline Trail hikes up the torturous mountain and shows us their impressive progression with the top new single to sing with on loud, The Pressed Man.

Highline Trail is a San Diego, California-based indie folk-rock band that fuses infectious soul and funky harmonies which might put all listeners into a trance-like state.

With a hugely extraordinary anthem to forge communities together, Highline Trail looks toward the top of the cliff and has a style that will shake the trees and bellow briskly a message to savour.

The Pressed Man from San Diego, California-based indie folk-rock act Highline Trail is a cinematic experience which takes us into a different world and embraces an old-school mentality. There are so many aspects to love about this fine release, which might put shivers down the spine of all eager listeners.

If you like music with a hauntingly exquisite aura, this is a song like no other.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen