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If You Dodge Me: Ostrava rock band Saca refuses to rest until they are found with ‘The Post’

With a highly engaging style that clutches your concentration instantly due to the mysterious undercurrents attached, Saca, brings us the story about the bearded guy with the hat who takes what he wants on ‘The Post‘.

Saca is a highly expressive 4-piece Czech indie rock band that was created in 2014. They construct a pensive blend of music that certainly fastens our mindful functions and has you pondering your own life as you see it.

A nebulous idea for the video came about in winter at the singer’s party and was typed into a phone, then forwarded to the M.T. ArtStudio director who made it into a script.” ~ Saca

Saca keep us completely engrossed the whole way throughout on a catchy track and smartly-made visuals, that takes you down that dark road and into a place that should be safe and filled with love. There is much to like about a band that is always evolving and keep us on our toes during this riveting experience.

The Post‘ from the Ostrava, Czech Republic-based indie-rock act Saca, is a haunting track and video that is so stimulating on the soul. There is much mystery here about the guy in the hat, as you feel the movie-like story unfold and wonder what shall transpire next. Performed by a band who seem to be moving only upwards as their sound improves and evolves after each track, this is a European act that is certainly one to keep an eye on.

See this gritty new visual on YouTube and find out more about their progression via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen