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The Other Side Of Georgia

Keep rollin’ on: Paul Hroma returns after long hiatus to explore ‘The Other Side Of Georgia’

Powered by Torchsounds Entertainment, Paul Hroma excitedly gets on the open road again to follow his heart on ‘The Other Side Of Georgia‘.

Paul Hroma is an Idaho-based indie-rock/soul pianist and singer-songwriter, who was heavily involved in the music scene twenty five years ago, stopped playing live and due to covid-19 giving him more time at home, stepped into the booth again to reclaim his rightful place. He makes that reflective road trip music that gets you thinking about your hopes and dreams, while giving you a look into his life that has come full circle.

He never stopped writing and this song is the third single taken off his ‘Bottled Water From The Fountain Of Youth‘ album, which is his first release in almost thirty years. You can feel the hunger in his voice as he sends us a classy daydream single, that involves deep feelings and you can’t help but like what you are hearing.

This is the story about exploring places you haven’t been before while you are on the open road and realizing that you feel at home in a certain area, and this is the one. The kindness of people in this area really strikes you and and it feels really good, perhaps better than where you are now.

The old video footage is such a blessing to see and you can picture how simpler life was then. Kids are on their bicycles riding around playfully, girls and the Mom’s doing hopscotch and despite the tough economic times, people looked happier. There were no cellphones and tablets to distract us, just nature and all its beauty.

The Other Side Of Georgia‘ from Idaho musician Paul Hroma, is that purely constructed music that has such a classic feel to it. This is a classy musician who has returned after a long time out of making recordings and feels invigorated. The bug has bitten and won’t ever leave him again.

Once a singer, always a singer.

Check out his IG and see the official video here on YouTube.

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