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Been Let Down Before: Todd Michael Chapman knows that she doesn’t want to be lonely again on The One

Wondering if he can actually be that light to change how his new lover views relationships, Todd Michael Chapman sees her eyes close softly as he holds her so tight on his passionate new romantic release, The One.

Todd Michael Chapman is a Western New York-based indie rock/blues single-songwriter who performs from the heart and got his start when he was just 7 years old.

All thanks to his aunt who gifted him his first guitar when he was a wide-eyed young fella looking for a wholesome path, Todd Michael Chapman shows us his pure respect for a woman who he truly cares for. Wanting to be that special soul who shows her that love is actually possible in this seemingly forget-quick world, this is a vital reminder that a close bond is possible if you both want it enough.

The One from Western New York-based indie rock/blues artist Todd Michael Chapman is a vintage-like single from an underground storyteller who has dropped a song that so many will relate to. Packed with a pure vocal skill that is undeniably authentic, you will feel your heart jumpstart like a cold car on this gem.

When two souls connect and vow to leave the past where it belongs, the power of love can overcome it all.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Check Out The Bassline on T-Bow’s Release “The One”

Without funk, what’s the point? Sure, music can translate feelings that range infinitely, but let’s be honest. Swing can get you moving one way, EDM can get you moving another, but that timeless soul that is injected into every note in a funk bassline is worth that bass’s weight in gold. T-Bow brings not only the bassline funk, but a trusting vocal, plucky guitars and even some Miami-flavored extras after a certain length of the new track The One.

These keys and brass parts bring a completely different life to the party, but the beat doesn’t skip and nothing can stop the swagger of those soulful instrumental loops. This music embraces life and love and good times. T-Bow may not have a powerful delivery like some singers of old, but he has the tone set and can make you move while performing in a way that is unreservedly intimate. This helps him stand out in a way that will have you requesting The One on every dancefloor you touch, from Miami to the ends of the Earth. If you need something to help you feel good with a splash of different styles over soul, this song is The One.

-Paul Weyer

Check Out Alya Elouissi powerful minimalist song ‘The One’

Between the classic, and indeed classical voice, and the plaintive and minimal piano lines, Slovenian polymath, Alya Elouissi weaves a ballad about identity, dedication and of self-belief. In these days of mass celebrity and a copycat artistic ethic, she uses these traditional musical materials to remind us of a universal truth. Be The One, sometimes it really is all about you, follow your dreams. They may sound like clichés in these cynical times but maybe it is something that the world needs reminding of.

And for the minimalism of the musical building blocks, The One is a powerful piece, it is polished, understated yet powerful in all the right places, it tugs heartstrings without playing the schmaltzy card, it is the sound of what happens when you take the idea of writing a sophisticated yet commercially viable pop ballad and give it to someone who really knows how music works.