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The Long Way Down

Down River reached the pinnacle of infectiously explosive volition with their hard rock earworm, The Long Way Down

If you have a penchant for hard rock that is as explosive as it is meticulously honed, expose yourself to the rhythmically intense fervour of ‘The Long Way Down’ from Utah’s premier powerhouse, Down River. Instead of letting reverence for the genre’s roots get in the way of innovation, Down River carved out a new trajectory in the evolution of the genre with the sharpness of their hooks.

April Draven’s voice is a force to be reckoned with – a blend of raw power and captivating melody that sets her apart in a league of her own. Her emotionally charged vocal lines are a gravitational force, pulling listeners into the vortex of the song’s energy. Fuck comparing her to other female figureheads in rock and metal, she could hold her own against any of her icons.

Instrumentally, ‘The Long Way Down’ is a masterclass in hard rock dynamics. The band’s ability to balance cataclysmic breakdowns with firebranded production creates a colossal sonic impact, tailor-made for the adrenaline of a stadium experience. Each member brings their own powerhouse performance, resulting in a track that’s tight, ensnaring, and unrelenting.

The Long Way Down is more than a hard rock playlist staple. It is a siren call to anyone who cherishes music that’s crafted with passion, precision, and a touch of rebellion.

The Long Way Down was officially released on March 1st; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast