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London’s Alt Rock secret The Lightness Of Being release smashing track ”Can’t Keep”

The Lightness of Being is a 4-piece strong baseline filled band based in lustful London and they roll in the front door with ”Can’t Keep”. The band seems to make earth shattering alternative rock songs and mix them together like a sticky piece of gummy glue. The boys main influences are The Deftones, Queens of the Stone Age and everyday life in wet yet inspiring London City.

Can’t Keep” is about keeping lies inside and how unhealthy it is. The sound is so powerful and the band smash through with their signature brand that is great to hear. London’s clubs will be anticipating a huge crowd when they play live again. This is a wild ride and I enjoy each second while listening to ”Can’t Keep” from The Lightness Of Being”.

Set for release on the 3rd July, stream this track now on the growing Soundcloud music channel.

Head through to the Facebook page of this high-powered rock band with a point to prove.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London’s The Lightness Of Being shred through the speakers with ”Red Summer”

With hard-hitting lyrics plus a raw and distorted sound with experimental riffs- this is London Hard Rockers The Lightness Of Being time to shine. They have just released their moody single, the ominous ”Red Summer” and it’s a song to play with the volume up very high to capture the band at their best.

With a song that could be the theme track out of a Hollywood action movie, they remind us the perils of the current dark days we are in.

With a frenetic start, ”Red Summer” wakes you up and puts you into a strange kind of mood. You are a bit paranoid and the haunting background noises of doom sparks up your imagination to a dark and lonely place. The Lightness Of Being¬†have been a rock band since 2009 and their experience shows. The band are easily able to toy with our souls, grabbing our attention, before exploding into a fury of high impact rock that is sure to light up any stage. A quality band with a ferocious sound that doesn’t get too much, ”Red Summer” is launched into our ears with devastatingly effective results.

Stream this experimental London band’s new track on SoundCloud and check out the whole collection.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen