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You Were Waiting For Me: The Killing Tapes left with absolutely nothing on ‘Never Going Home’

With an energetically vibrant performance that has your heart beating so much faster than a few seconds before, The Killing Tapes remind us that travelling is a beautiful experience but certainly doesn’t shake off the past with ‘Never Going Home‘.

The Killing Tapes is an indie dark-pop duo that radiates brightly and brings us back to a time when things were so much more peaceful, as they forge a palate-pleasing sound that is quite mesmerizing at times.

As our minds race and we think back to that liberating feeling while away from our own home, The Killing Tapes show us into their world – with a quite astonishing performance here – that will have you recalling when you ran away from a predicament you thought would go away while you were gone.

Never Going Home‘ from The Killing Tapes, is an ear-warming experience from a highly experienced duo who pour through with tremendous quality and give the world something to truly treasure here. This is the story all about leaving as you get away from your issues but come back with real gold – as you wonder if it will be the same when you return – or if it’s best to keep on your mission. Sung with weighted energy, this is a glorious track filled with class.

Hear this ravishing single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Like A Book With A Missing Page: The Killing Tapes sees them losing control on ‘Dancing With The Devil In You’

Bringing us a haunting tale which is so striking into your knowing soul, The Killing Tapes sing with so much significant meaning on their latest song all about watching another person grow far apart from you, right before your watching eyes on ‘Dancing With The Devil In You’.

The Killing Tapes is a Sweden-based indie alt-dark rock/electronic duo band. They make that movie-like music which has you floating into another word entirely, due to their emotional creations which has you sensing that they are onto something rather unique.

Shortly into the writing process they both realized that the songs were of such quality and importance, they begun the writing and recording of the album Black.” ~ The Killing Tapes

This is the relevant story that hits home hard. You are with someone who you thought was special, as you see that they can’t control themselves and give up too easily in the face of internal conflict, You then agonizingly watch them destroy, the very beauty which made them so wonderful in the first place. Sung with such a rare intensity and backed up with a memorable background sound to truly remember, this is a dark-lit song of truth.

Dancing With The Devil In You‘ from the Swedish alt-rock/electronic duo act The Killing Tapes, sees them witnessing a loved one swimming into the lake of blood and unfortunately turning into someone else. This is the sad story of being around someone change so much, so fast, as you wish you could help them change but know that its probably over.

Made with an 80’s type ambiance, this is a cinematic soundtrack if there ever was one.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen