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Tulsa’s The Ivy create new memories with synth-pop journey ”Memories”

Remembering those loving memories that made our heart happy can be a good and bad experience. You are grateful for them but you can also be quite resentful as they are laced by with a slice of sadness. The love is over and its time to heal and move one. Thinking about that special person for too long is very dangerous as it can consume you. Your sub-conscious can hold you back from unlocking the door to your pure happiness.

The Ivy are a synth-pop outfit from Oklahoma in the USA and they slide through the sparkling speakers with a glowing energy that screams quality. They are on the rise globally with over three hundred thousand listeners per month on Spotify which is very impressive. The band’s sound is pure, likable and super memorable. The story is all about remembering those incredible memories but also sparking your lighter to move on and create new ones and not to reminisce too much.

Memories” is one of the most joyful tracks I’ve heard all year and feel like this act are only flying upwards into the spectacular heights of mega fame.

Get this song and more right here on their Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen