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The Harbinger

Cucurbitophobia carefully slices our imagination awake on the horror-like, ‘The Harbinger’

The Harbinger by Cucurbitophobia

With a spooky experience that will shock you and possibly shake your whole core into a place you least expected, Cucurbitophobia returns with the moody piano-packed and cinematically infused new instrumental single, ‘The Harbinger‘.

Robert Benaquista (Rob Benny) aka Cucurbitophobia is an Avant-Garde/Horror/Dark Neoclassical/Atmospheric Metal/Post-Industrial-fused multi-instrumentalist and composer.

It portrays a return of an ominous figure who has disappeared after a long absence. The Harbinger bears knowledge, wonder, and dread, as it can shapeshift into the absolutely desirable or the utmost undesirable in the eye of the beholder. Able to predict and summon future events, The Harbinger has left everyone frozen in fear, knowing the inevitable yet not knowing when it will happen.” ~ Cucurbitophobia

With an expert performance that will cause hearts to flutter unexpectedly and mouths to tighten, Cucurbitophobia rampages through our lounge with a skilled display that will please all those who love a bit of mystery and risk-taking in their lives.

The Harbinger‘ from the Avant-Garde/Horror/Dark Neoclassical/Atmospheric Metal/Post-Industrial-fused multi-instrumentalist Cucurbitophobia¬†is such an explosive experience that shall take you into the dark alleys that certainly intrigues your whole soul. Causing hearts to skip and emotions to heighten, this is the kind of song that you will find in a scary movie that has just introduced a masked character who has come back from the dead.

With intricate details that will have you completely enthralled, this is a track that might have you covering those eyes and closing the curtains a bit quicker than usual.

Listen up to this new single on Bandcamp and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen