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Parker Kay – The Grey: a refreshingly intimate RnB exposition of affection in the age of the iPhone

If artists got to the top of the charts based on the relatability of their lyrics alone, Vancouver’s Parker Kay’s latest single, The Grey, would have shot right to the top of the RnB charts. In a genre that gives Hollywood a run for its money when it comes to setting unrealistic expectations, this definitively modern love story is a refreshingly intimate exposition of affection in the age of the iPhone and awareness of idiosyncratic attachment styles.

Starting with a confession of how he pretends not to light up just as much as his screen when seeing a message and bides his time to give the illusion he’s busy, you can’t help but lyrically lock into the hit as the indie RnB grooves pop in the instrumental arrangement.

The single only becomes more addictive from there on out as Parker Kay bares his romantic scars over the synthesis of electronic synthetics, trap beats, pop hooks, RnB melodies, and soulfully magnetic vocal lines that keep an even-keel while the lyricism drifts from the ache of agony to the dream-like state of infatuation.

The Grey has a fair way to go before it racks up as many streams as Parker Kay’s viral hit, sorry, I like you too, which was created in collaboration with Burbank and garnered over 5 million streams on Spotify alone, but it is more than worthy.

The Grey was officially released on January 26th. Stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast