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The Grand Mess

Gold covered layers of scheming: The Grand Mess wraps a web of mystery on ‘Lie To You’

The moody start soon clings to your heart right away as you wonder what is going to form next. We are not disappointed as this an Electronic-Pop web of intriguing proportions, this is a story that will fascinate and make you think about the way you speak to others. Canadian artist The Grand Mess is in imperious form ‘Lie To You‘ as he lets us into this wild water-slide of twists and turns.

Gold covered and looking for redemption, the waves form with the haunting vocals that grab you by the soul and you won’t forget this track very easily. The light radiates so many layers within, and he wants her to believe him. Sometimes she does and this for some reason, this gives off extra fuel inside to do it again and again. He feels bad about it and knows that this can’t continue as he is the one that has to look into the mirror each day.

The sonic speed in which this song wades in the door, is quite spectacularly composed and the pace ebbs and flows. The intricate energies are such a pleasure to listen intently, as you can’t take your ears away. This feel like an experience like no other and the electric vibrations are hard hitting and go deep within.

With gold lathered all over the vocals, Brooklyn based The Grand Mess¬†shows his self-awareness in speaking out about how he feels inside, the game is fun to stop on ‘Lie To You‘.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen