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Talented and Creative Luddy Mussy release 13 min epic track ‘Is A Sound’

Luddy Mussy is a talented and creative group with a very special approach to musical composition. The recent track, “Is A Sound”, is a stunning piece that clocks in at 13 minutes. Throughout the length of the song, Luddy experiments with various genres and patterns, flirting with pop, rock, jazz and many other styles. The song opens up with lush and embracing piano tones, only to follow with some stunning drum arrangements. The electric guitars, however, truly takes the spotlight.

What I find really amazing is that the guitar is certainly not the loudest or most upfront element in the mix, yet it definitely leads the songs, helping it move forward with some really cool effects. From stunning slide phrases to amazing old school fuzz tones and stunning noise breaks, the guitar really adds something special to the mix, going for a rock edge with an atmospheric feel. I love how the vocals come in at about 5 minutes into the song, when you least expect them to surface. The song makes me think of bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins or The Goo Goo Dolls, but with a more progressive and experimental feel.