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The sweet sounds of Leicester: The Gabriels throw us a debut gem into the ‘Loose Canyon’

The Gabriels bring that catchy exciting vibe that is wrapped with tasty goodness, on their electric debut track called. ‘Loose Canyon‘.

Formed due to their love of good music and that jangle crush guitar sweet lovin’, Leicester’s five-piece indie-pop outfit The Gabriels, make that top tier music to turn up and immerse your self into. For a new act they have a mature sound that grips you tight and gives you a hug, with a freshly-poured pint and a cheeky smile.

While anxious England is the mist of a dark and depressing cloud that just won’t go away, this is a caressed song that makes you feel fresh again and ready for that well-needed adventure.

With sweetly honey-lathered vocals and an excellent assortment of electric and acoustic guitars, meshed together as always by the vital drummer, this is a band that is such a pleasurable listen as the smashing solos make it even better on the battered souls, still reeling from evil 2020.

This is story about you love being home but just want to travel again and get out for a while to see other parts of the world. The band are tightly knit and thrill our souls with a debut performance that gets you grooving and moving, with your head bobbing and your feet tapping. The urge to get out of your hometown is massive and this is a highly relatable topic that makes you think of being in the sun, exploring your surroundings and meeting new faces with character.

Loose Canyon‘ from the sensational new Leicester act The Gabriels, is a song that will fill your heart with that genuine joy that is so hard to find in this mysteriously complicated world. They make that special and simply stupendous music that sounds so good and might make you forget to do the dishes.

Hear and see this jangly guitar road-tripping blanket warmer on Bandcamp, YouTube, Spotify and see their adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen