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Starting fresh again: Irish act The Flavours are ready to move on from toxic energy on ‘More Than Once’

Cork City 4-Piece band The Flavours are an impressive folk, indie rock, soul, reggae and jazzy mesh of wonder and ‘More Than Once‘ is their latest single to bless our ears from 2020. Forgetting this torrid year is the key but unlocking quality music is the right door to open; in these often confusing times that leads us astray like a lost kitty cat.

Her stunning vocals drift in so sweetly and with a tone that is never rushed or unnatural. Your heart feels happier as you tap your feet and wonder how they sound live. The band have a humble and soulful sound, they appear to all genuinely enjoy each other’s company and this shines through like the sun coming through on a winter’s day in the UK. It might be chilly outside but you feel warmth and can’t help but have a goofy smile while listening.

There is so much to like here as they tease us at the beginning and gracefully open to the door for us to wipe our shoes and walk into their journey. This is the story of being let down a few too many times and the game is now stale and old. You have been let too many times and you now you are sick and tired of it. You waited and waited but they showed zero respect. The kindness you had has been wrapped up over you like plastic in the sea and you know it’s time to remove it for good.

With a luscious vocal delivery and a band in tune with each other’s styles, they send through a message that is heard loud and clear. After being chosen to perform at Wild Roots Music, Performing Arts & Adventure Festival 2021 with James Morrison and Kaiser Chiefs on the line-up, the arrow is pointing up for these archers.

More Than Once’ from proudly Irish band The Flavours is a track that you will end up playing again and again due to its quality and real message. After all, you deserve to be with someone that respects you and sticks to their word.

Support the band via their Spotify and see their smiling faces on IG & FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen