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Don’t Let Her Go Away: Quebec’s OneSelf knows that we need to keep that love alive on ‘The First You’ve Got’

Atypical So ( A ) Typical by OneSelf Featuring Mario Deschenes

Taken off his much-awaited 6th album called ‘Atypical So‘, OneSelf turns up the amplification and tells us to keep that special person in our lives otherwise we will regret the moment when they walk away on ‘The First You’ve Got‘.

OneSelf aka Mario Deschênes is a French and English speaking Quebec, Canada-based indie rock solo artist and music producer who makes all his own creations from start to finish.

Exposure to OneSelf’s music may induce sudden outbursts of joy, happiness, energy, creativity, and awesomeness. Listen at your own risk.” ~ OneSelf

OneSelf shows us his years of experience with a guitar-slamming single that will possibly invoke memories of advice that you received when you were younger. There is much hunger to do the right thing here and be the best man possible – in this temptation-filled environment – that can unquestionably lead you to wander into sordid places you should absolutely avoid.

The First You’ve Got‘ from the Quebec, Canada-based indie rock solo artist and music producer OneSelf, is that speaker-guzzling story about appreciating that love in our life before they leave forever. Staying true to what they need is the mission, otherwise, there will be many sad nights alone. Sung with gritty energy and performed with a rugged structure that lights up your mood, this is a song that will have you pondering how you treat those who you really care about.

Hear this new single on Bandcamp and see more on the Twitter music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen