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That’s Why I Gave You A Key To The Lock: The First To Fight ends up in the maze with Almost A Win

Released from their hugely enjoyable 13-track album The Saddest Champion, The First To Fight drop a Kings of Leon-like gem to admire for its raw texture and unpretentious lyrics with Almost A Win.

The First To Fight is a Salem, South Carolina-hailing Greenville-based indie alternative post-emo band who have matured like fine wine and are on a mission to represent their city.

The earliest iteration of The First To Fight was like a pipe bomb; an explosion of attitude dressed as a down and dirty vendetta wrapped in two minutes of shouting and slipshod guitar work.” ~ The First To Fight

Streaming into our lives with something rather consequential, The First To Fight have strengthened our rattled armour and brings the world a tremendously important song that digs deeper into being stuck inside someone else’s box.

Disappearing into our minds like that backroom that has many belongings, we are treated to a quality single with a real message to learn from.

Almost A Win from the electrifying Greenville-based indie post-emo band The First To Fight is a rather phenomenal soundtrack to the distant daze of not wanting to waste any moment. Sung with a pulsating edge and flowing with terrific power and roaring forces within, this is a monumental release made for current times.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen