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The Elegant Chasers

The Elegant Chasers explored the trappings and torment of addiction with their maniacal alt-rock hit, The Hungry Ghost

The Elegant Chasers

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Mike Patton had formed a new side project after being exposed to the vocal dynamism and tightly controlled instrumental chaos in the latest single, The Hungry Ghost, from the London-based alt-rock originators, The Elegant Chasers.

The franticly alchemic production which echoes 90s Britpop and grunge entices you in through the urgency as the James Dean Bradfield-esque guitars shimmer and act as an anchor in the tumultuous storm brewed by the rhythm section. The lack of restraint is a conceptual sonic visualisation of the nefariousness of addiction, which the volatile lyrics explore influenced by the work of Gabor Mate.

There was no forgetting The Elegant Chasers after getting acquainted through their previous release, Running Around the Sun, but The Hungry Ghost is a million maniacal miles away from the mash-up of indie, Britpop and Psych Rock. It’s safe to say The Elegant Chasers can stop running because they’ve arrived at exactly where they need to be with The Hungry Ghost.

The Hungry Ghost will be officially released on March 15; stream and purchase the single on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Gaze into The Elegant Chasers’ riff-carved kaleidoscope of sludgy psychedelia, Running Around the Sun

Hersham’s hottest indie rock act, The Elegant Chasers, swathed their latest single, Running Around the Sun, with lashings of kaleidoscopic psychedelia to indulge their ever-growing fanbase in a mind-bending sonic experience which finds the perfect balance between heavy and sludgy rancorousness and melodicism to keep you locked into the innovation which drips from every progression.

Running Around the Sun is the first single to drop following the critically acclaimed success of the band’s long-awaited debut album, Sentimental Dust. Following a significant stint of soul-searching, The Elegant Chasers, who always live up to their moniker via the cultivated gravitas in their hits, struck aural gold once more whilst exploring a bigger and bolder sound that rings with reminiscences of the Seattle Sound and subverts all expectations by industrialising 70s rock synthetics.

Running Around the Sun will be officially released on December 1st; hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Elegant Chasers warn us to be extra wary of that selfish ‘Car Salesman Smile’

Leading us into the truth that some try to hide away as they only care for those greedy intentions which ultimately hurts others through their actions, The Elegant Chasers reminds us all to be careful of those soulless characters who love to flash their malicious ‘Car Salesman Smile‘.

The Elegant Chasers is a Maz Loizou-created alternative rock music project that is based in Hersham, UK, who successfully shows us their DIY multi-instrumentalist skill set.

The idea relates to a woman being unfairly treated & how relationships can play out. Sadly, I have female friends who have these stories to tell. I felt compelled to write a song about it from someone on the outside looking in. It can, of course, work the other way. But for this particular song, I was looking at how women can be taken advantage of by men who appear to be genuine and charming. However, the victims are often deceived by someone who completely fails to deliver – with the journey for the woman being far from comforting & ending in misery.” ~ The Elegant Chasers.

After giving us a welcome reprieve on the last single ‘Clowns‘, The Elegant Chasers break the glass that was hiding the honesty away and cracks at the illusion that so many wish to keep amongst themselves. With a dynamic vocal brilliance and innovative lyricism that deserves to be heard loud at your local music venue, this is a reminder that fair goodness needs to be inserted into the fabric of the world again.

My message in the song is if you have been in that position, don’t give up hope or keep being sold that fat lie. You don’t deserve to be thrown on the scrapheap. You can choose to play his game or / and find true comfort elsewhere.” ~ The Elegant Chasers

Car Salesman Smile‘ from the UK-based Maz Loizou-created alternative rock music project The Elegant Chasers is a robust track from one of those underground artists who would greet you with a smile. His style is rather transfixing and there is a raw energy that you can’t seem to get enough of.

Reminding us all to be extra careful in life when we meet that fake soul who wants to take everything for themselves is a brave effort that needs to be admired.

See the new music video on YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Elegant Chasers created a high-IQ-sanctuary in his latest scuzzy alt-rock hit, Clowns

The Elegant Chasers

For anyone that finds themselves frequently in despair over just how deep the IQ-deprived antagonists drag us down into late-stage capitalist suffering, The Elegant Chasers’ latest scuzzy alt-rock single, Clowns, will bring a slight reprieve from the crushing weight.

The harbingering guitar solos, the sense of carnivalesque chaos and the distortedly enigmatic yet hooky alt-rock vocals pull together in the high-voltage protest to the idiocrasy that resounds more than most things these dystopic days. Here’s what The Elegant Chasers had to say about his latest release:

“It’s easy to dwell. To be angry and upset about situations that have conspired against you. To feel cheated. It’s even easier when this has happened more than once. Then paranoia kicks in, those who transpired against you will massage the paranoia and try and blame anyone but the culprits – i.e., themselves. The reality is it’s hard to shake off that feeling. Inevitably time is a healer, but it still feels that justice was never served. Clowns was written in 1st person but taking on the role of The Company Man for most of the song…The Clown! Lyrically I took inspiration from the people that hurt me most in the last 6 years. People who I thought I could trust. But it was just the same old story, just like many of you who have suffered under the corporate kings, rogues, rats, fools, the pretenders, the charlatans, the clowns. Call them what you like, they deliver the same outcome, a stab in the back, and quite often you’re thrown out to the wolves.”

Clowns will officially release on April 22nd. You can check it out for yourselves via Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

Follow The Elegant Chasers via Instagram and Twitter.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Elegant Chasers went off-kilter with the grungy panache in their sophomore single, Sunshine Mourning.

The Elegant Chasers

The Elegant Chasers brought their grungy panache back to the airwaves with the release of their sophomore single, Sunshine Mourning. We’d scarcely lost the earworm that was implanted through their debut single, Lets Ride, but we found ourselves gripped by Sunshine Mourning in a completely different capacity.

This time, the post-punk tinged track is as caustic as one of Sonic Youth’s most discordant releases in the verses and hooky enough in the choruses to give that stadium-filling effect that resonates as volatile gravitas once you get caught up within it.

The one-man powerhouse is taking full advantage of his independent artist freedom. Instead of attempting to appease moguls by pandering to the mediocrity in their tastes, he opted for an off-kilter track that splices together Nirvana-reminiscent drums, cleverly distorted vocals (we are talking Mike Patton level clever here) and guitars that are pliant enough to make your head spin. It is the epitome of an alt 90s aural riot. We can’t wait to hear what follows in his debut album.

Sunshine Mourning will officially release on February 11th. You can check it out for yourselves via SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Elegant Chasers has unleashed their scuzzed up 90s Britpop revival, Let’s Ride.

Grunge, sunset sleaze and 90s Britpop viscerally converge in the latest single, Let’s Ride, from the indie nostalgia raconteurs, The Elegant Chasers. The anthemically-layered fuzzed up indie reincarnation is robust enough to shove the most iconic tracks from the 90s into the shoegaze category. The scuzzy guitars distortedly create a platform for the high-energy vocals that fall somewhere between Axl Rose and Ian Brown.

If you’re looking for a full-frontal trip back to the most iconic era of indie, Let’s Ride is your fastest mode of transport.

Let’s Ride is due for release on November 26th; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast