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The Easy Way

Jarrett Beeler shows us into the divine life of the party with Hurricane

Taken off his brilliant 10-track album called The Easy Way, Jarrett Beeler tells us the legend about the one who drank rather untidily on the bar-filled new single all about that loveable human who did things her own way on Hurricane.

Jarrett Beeler is an indie rock n roll artist with a difference who certainly does not need the approval of the masses to keep this journey alive.

While his friends were flocking to their local music stores to exchange their Vanilla Ice records for Nevermind, Beeler was busy cursing Classic Rock radio DJs for talking over the endings of the Neil Young, Elvis Costello, and Beatles tunes he was trying to commit to tape.” ~ Jarrett Beeler

Produced by Jarrett Randazzo, Jarrett Beeler performs with so much gusto that flows through into our veins with a passionate abandon. This is a proper song here, stuffed with real-life issues and romances, a dynamic texture wrapped inside, with inviting vocals from someone who has actually felt this hugely memorable moment before.

Hurricane from the underground indie rock solo singer-songwriter Jarrett Beeler is a cinematically expressive single from a massively underrated performer who sings from the heart. Featuring an authentic story that many will recognize and hold on tightly to despite the broken hearts, this is a delightful effort that might be stuck in your head all day.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen