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Backwoods Creek delivered the ultimate Southern soul-rock anthem ‘Alright’

Sensing cynicism in the universal waters, Backwoods Creek prescribed a potent dose of optimism with their latest single, ‘Alright’. The refreshing take on bluesy soul-swathed Southern rock played fast and loose with the genre constraints while keeping the instrumental arrangement tight enough to unravel as every rock-inclined muso’s wet dream.

Part lyrical mantra, part musical Tour De Force, the UK-based quintet exhibited ‘Alright’ as a masterclass in balancing raw, overdriven guitars and whiskey-soaked vocals with an undercurrent of hope and redemption. It’s a track that carries the dynamic energy of power pop while remaining true to its bluesy rock and roll roots.

The virtuosic cohesion of the instrumentals showcases their skill and chemistry, honed through years of friendship and collaboration, and you don’t have to buy tickets to their live shows (even though you really should) to witness their infectious energy performance energy; the band’s electrifying aura is perfectly captured in this track.

No one can deny that while life is on a downward trajectory hearing everything will be alright prises ennui out of your perception. This life-affirming hit goes beyond reassurance –  it’s transformative.

Alright will hit the airwaves on March 15; check out the release via the official Backwoods Creek website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Interview: Dan Slyker shows us what feel-good new country music sounds like

We sat down with Dan Slyker recently and had a hugely entertaining interview to read a few times. He shows us through country life, inspired by his childhood and rock aspirations, to lead us into a worthwhile read which might get many loving the 808s and Fishin Lakes vibes.

Firstly, welcome to A&R Factory as we appreciate you sitting down with us for a chat. First, what kind of music are you personally into?

Thank you for taking the time. I loved country as a kid. Country Bear Jamboree at Disney World is my first musical memory along with a TV show called Hee Haw. I listened to Kenny Rogers, Eddie Rabbit, Charlie Daniels and The Oak Ridge Boys until I found my parents’ Beatles records… Then I became a rock kid but I always kept a country torch burning. Every style has good and bad songs. I don’t care what genre it’s under, I just love a well-written song. If you want a more committal answer, I think 70s rock has the highest hit rate of great songs.

How does Linda Ronstadt’s music inspire you?

She, along with the other pioneers of that California country rock sound (The Flying Burrito Brothers, Eagles, etc.) made music that was the perfect blend of my country childhood and rock aspirations. All her hits were covers but she applied her flavor and it made it sound like they were all written by the same person.

Your dad was in the Coast Guard. Please tell us some stories and experiences from this time.

We moved every 1.5 to 3 years. It was hard saying goodbye to friends but it allowed me to see a lot of cool places and meet different kinds of people. The best place was Puerto Rico where there was no TV in English so I had to play outside and get into other hobbies. This is where I first became serious about being a musician.

Please tell us more about your most recent music released through 808s and Fishin Lakes.

It started with 1 song that was a mix of old-time, storytelling, Country Bear lyrics, some rock drums guitar and modern 808 hip hop drums. I was only hearing serious country music on the radio so I thought this style could stand out. I hope it does.

In 2020 something happened. Please tell us more about when you started to create music.

I had been writing music for years but in 2020, I was having a dream set in a tropical location and there was a song playing in the background. I woke up with the entire chorus melody and 3 of the 4 lyric lines already written. It was during quarantine so I had plenty to complete my first song on the album, Mexico.

Why do you think music is so serious now?

I really don’t know but can we get a better balance of fun and serious, please? Slow songs can be great, sad songs can be too, but that’s 80% of what I’m hearing now in country.

Last, are there any particular festivals or venues you’d like to perform at?

I’m just starting out so honestly, I’d be happy to play any venue. Gonna book some small rooms this summer to spread the word about my album and we’ll see where it goes from there.

Listen up fully on Spotify.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

“It’s Music” – The HiGrounds’ Latest Rock And Roll Hit

Based in Manhattan Beach, CA, The HiGrounds are a band with a very particular sound that is essentially rock and roll with an evident contemporary flair. These guys share a passion for this type of music in particular, and this is shown in their music which clearly has a vintage character with a modern touch that only true dedicated musicians are able to create. With funky guitar progressions, punctuated by percussive piano and Hammond organ sounds backed by a solid rhythm section, their music is just one of a kind.

“it’s Music,” which is taken right off of their latest album “Wouldn’t Hurt To Show,” is a true reflection of what sounds and stylistic choices these guys are passionate about. The instrumental arrangement and texture do indeed provide that special vintage feel, particularly through the use of the organ, but this is not all the song has to offer. It has no shortage of catchy choruses and it also presents a feel-good sound suitable for pubs and bars, providing an authentic warm atmosphere. “It’s Music” is not only a song which is enjoyable to listen to. It is well crafted and performed. So if you like what you hear, make sure to check out the rest of the album too, and you will not be disappointed !

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

Camille Peruto – Row Ghost: Taylor Swift Meets Sonic Youth

From the Sea to the Sky by Camille Peruto

Camille Peruto’s new album ‘From the Sea To The Sky’ is now available to download. So why has the sound caught our attention? The Pennsylvanian based artist is a little different from the acoustic singer songwriter vibes that you’re used to. The production behind the track is monumental. The stand out track on Camille’s debut album Row Ghost has all the sweet soul of hit pop acts but she knows better than to follow in their lead when it comes to instrumentals which are teaming with reverb and heavy guitar riffs over mid-tempo bass riddled beats.

Camille’s sound could almost be described as shoe gazer/indie, with the same melancholic flow of the guitar as bands such as My Bloody Valentine & Sonic Youth, but her voice is one of pure angelic poignance. The layers of her diverse variation of vocals echo over the track to convey the raw emotion behind the lyrics which paint a melancholic picture with upbeat styling.

There’s a delectably haunting element hidden within the sound of this track which makes it the ultimate hit for anyone that’s looking for a signature sound from an empowering female voice.

Check out Row Ghost and the rest of Camille’s album ‘From the Sea to the Sky’ on the link below: