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The Dot and The Line

The Dot and The Line Release ‘The Quiet Ones’

It’s been a while since pop music has held onto haunting melodies and used them to make beautiful moments in between feel-good dance numbers. The Dot and The Line may very well refer to the fine barrier between the worlds of alternative and mainstream music. The Quiet Ones is a song that isn’t difficult to listen to by any means, but it will stand out from the pack amongst radio mainstays for its dark and ethereal vibes. Whatever you’re doing in the moment, it should wait. This song beckons and it would be unfortunate to keep it waiting.

Piano-driven with tinges of electronic percussion and backing instrumentation, The Quiet Ones combines foreboding and alluring tones in the way one might imagine sirens singing sailors to their graves. This would go along perfectly with witch-house artists without the need for a spectacular light show or fast beat. This is pure, old-fashioned chilling at its finest. It’s music with a tangible sensation attached. Performed ably and mixed with intentions, The Dot and The Line surround themselves in mystique and leave you wanting as much more as they’re willing to give.

-Paul Weyer