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National Pride: Spectacular Scottish band The Ronains return triumphantly with top notch version of the classic ‘Flower Of Scotland’

DragonSoop¬†sponsored band The Ronains show their quality once again on the proudly-sung remix of an absolute classic that shows the true love for their country on ‘Flower Of Scotland‘.

The Ronains is a powerfully constructed Clydebank, Scotland-based indie-rock band. They make that movie or series-type soundtrack, that has you feeling uplifted and ready to achieve what you know you can conquer.

After getting the much-needed blessing from The Corries’ Ronnie Browne and as they got the proper licenses all sorted, this legendary song has been redone by this quality band and they certainly make this a terrific version all the way though. The hairs on the back of your back stand up to attention, you feel invigorated and ready for anything.

The Ronains bring together a mixture of New Wave and Rock and Roll to form a unique live sound, and have enjoyed performing to packed venues across the country, including sold out shows from the O2 ABC, Glasgow to The Cavern Club, Liverpool, supporting the likes of Jake Bugg and Gerry Cinnamon along the way.” – The Ronains

Flower Of Scotland‘ from the magnificent Clydebank, Scotland-based indie rock act The Ronains, is the hair-raising story of rising upwards and pulling all that nation pride together as one, to counter-act the hostility and anger that is way too apparent in this unconnected world.

With tremendous vocals and a soundscape that echos through the mountains, this is a remix that certainly has made the original version from 1967 very proud.

Stream this top notch track on Spotify and support their journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen