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A Few Bad Men release countryish track ‘Funny Funny Things’

Country music can mean many different things to many different people. Throw in the prefix alt. and the sky’s the limit. Funny Funny Things is certainly somewhere in that category, built on a country swing, a wonderful sweet and sour harmony contrast and deft acoustic licks but still somehow on the wrong side of the tracks. Would it pass muster in Nashville? Probably not, but that is what makes bands like A Few Bad Men so great.

They take country expectations, bend and batter them to their will and end up with something that skirts the edges of many genres, outsiders to all and I bet that is just how they like it. Or should I say he likes it, because A Few Bad Men is a musical vehicle for ex-Bell Jar man Simon Paul Roy a musical gypsy if ever there was one and anyone who’s CV includes working with the likes of The Church and The Saints is definitely someone you need to check out.