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The Cautiously Optimistic Voyage

New York’s Andrew Bergman keeps his level head above the pollution-filled noise with ‘Sayonara Sunset’

Cowabunga Supernova by Andrew Bergman

Following on from the 10-track release ‘The Cautiously Optimistic Voyage‘ from 2021, Andrew Bergman returns with a reinvigorated single off his new ‘Cowabunga Supernova‘ album, with the story about keeping your dreams and morals alive on ‘Sayonara Sunset‘.

Andrew Bergman is a Westchester County, New York-based indie-rock singer-songwriter who has a soulfully enthused style that only illuminates positive energy to savour.

Returning with his cleverly-written lyrics and a state of mind that so many forget about as the screen distracts them from what is actually possible, Andrew Bergman shows us his quality yet again with something rather soothing that sends your mind into an era of genuine opportunity.

Sayonara Sunset‘ from Westchester County, New York-based indie-rock artist Andrew Bergman, is an electrically-charged single that takes your whole soul into a daydream-filled state. He sings with a real passion and with that helpful beaming bright light that takes you into a nostalgic place to truly treasure forever. This is a track to play loud when you need to find some inspiration – in that important moment –  when you feel a bit lost and need a beacon of hope that everything is going to be okay.

Listen in to this new single on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen