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Change My Fate: The Bleepy Things laments that harrowing remorse on Trouble

Healing from the sore sensation of being played like a guitar and the harsh sour feeling, The Bleepy Things have dropped a memorable single which will remind many of the 80s on their catchy new track Trouble.

The Bleepy Things is a Pittsburgh, PA-based indie funk-pop punk-rock band who loves nothing more than a noisy mosh pit causing carnage on the dance floor.

Busting through the broken door and sending the awaiting world a skyrocketing gem of note, The Bleepy Things show us that genuine underground grind on this rather excellent single. There is a rare edge here and a fantastic quality to sip on all night, we find a hugely reflective glow that so many of us will surely recall.

Trouble from Pittsburgh, PA-based indie funk-pop punk-rock band The Bleepy Things is a flourishing single and made for maximum impact. With vocally advanced melodies and so much power from solos of significance, this is one of those marvellous songs which sounds comprehensively timeless.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen