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The Awesome Crew turned back the hip-hop clock with ‘Back in the Days’

With more old-school appeal than DJ Jazzy Jeff, the latest nostalgia hit, Back in the Days, from The Awesome Crew is a trip back in time you will want to take time and time again. The ascending melodic keys against the scratching turntables and slow-tempo rap verses will leave you on the razor-sharp hook of the hit, which takes nothing seriously but the soul.

The modern era of hip-hop left its mark on the tonally scintillating record through the RnB infusions, but in terms of attitude, Back in the Days will safely transplant you on the streets of Brooklyn while the 80s were in full swing.

While many modern hip-hop acts are keen to emanate the 80s, The Awesome Crew are one of the only MC outfits that have seen the 80s and thrived within the hip-hop landscape; founded by Smooth D, Daddy D, and Classy D, the history of The Awesome Crew stems back to 1986. Tragically, Smooth D was shot and killed in 1993, but the remaining members are still working tirelessly to secure his and their legacy. Based on Back in the Days, they’ve profoundly succeeded.

Stream Back in the Days on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast