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Ain’t Got Time To Waste: TeZATalks knows the richness is coming on BREAKSHIT

Keeping it all business and refusing to budge with anyone who has sketchy intentions, TeZATalks smashes through the glass window and takes a little bite out of the entrance on the heavy new frustration release that is, BREAKSHIT.

TeZATalks is a proudly queer Oahu, Hawaii-born indie hardcore pop artist who is known for performing all over the USA with acclaim pouring at every corner.

TeZA second EP “Apart to Chaos” released in 2019 made the top ten best albums of the year handpicked by KEXP host of Oasis and frontwoman of the Black Tones Eva Walker.” ~ TeZATalks

Taking our breaths away and sealing the door on any unwarranted shadows, TeZATalks is in top-notch form and takes our mind into a whole new world of intrigue. This is that exhilarating underground music which rays hope on the lost youth, who need more real role models to look up to.

BREAKSHIT from Hawaii-born indie hardcore pop creative TeZATalks is a speaker-breaking experience which might destroy innocent earlobes or revitalize others. With a superb vocalist and quality soundscapes from a collection that sounds inspired, this is a rather tasty effort for those who like it rather raw and piercingly loud.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen