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The Future Is Here: Sensational UK band Third Lung move up the ladder on the excellent ‘I A Fire’

With a bubbling translucent soundscape that offers breathtaking pureness, Third Lung shake down the door with their terrific new single called ‘I A Fire‘.

Four-piece UK indie rock n roll in-your-face band Third Lung, willingly bring us a crisp layer of textured goodness to snack on gleefully – as they make that special sauce type of music that is so rare on your willing palate – you just know you want some more like Oliver Twist.

This is the story about looking towards the future as you say goodbye to the past, while energetically destroying all the doubts that have stuck onto your potential moves. The only way to go and reach your dreams, is to actually try after all.

Their sound is supremely electric, as they ferociously push through the shaking speakers with such quality oozing from their spirit, you might still be blushing. This is a band on the rise, with such acclaim already and with festival slots surely on the horizon, when the world goes back to almost-normal in 2022.

I A Fire‘ from Third Lung is an exceptionally well-imagined piece of modern beauty, as their world class sound meshes so well into your glowing soul. They have the ability to mesmerize where others dial back, their seemingly effortless foray yields incredible results that will have you sweating in delight.

Hear this smashing new single on Spotify and see their IG for more song and future gig news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen