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Nullor has arrived with his compelling prog rock Tour De Force,  Here

The Fort Worth, Texas-hailing solo artist, Dan Crawford, operating under the moniker Nullor has made his long-awaited debut; it came in the form of his dynamic LP, Finalform. The dusky, doomy and artfully captivating lead single, Here, envelops you in an atmosphere you will never want to come up for air from.

The progressive 6-minute Tour De Force won’t fail to evoke contemplation; the grungy vocal lines which run in the veins of Alice in Chains allow the melodic ambience in the orchestrally cut instrumental arrangement to resonate as a sonically sweet sedative before the monolithic build and burst into intricately electric groove metal.

In the following single, Overdrive, Nullor gives you a taste of classic thrash metal, proving that there are few alternative genres outside of his repertoire. Rather than being a jack of all genres, the versatility of his talent is just as impressive as the degree of it.

Here was officially released with the Finalform LP on September 29; stream it on Spotify and follow the artist on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Vince Spano tracks cyclical torment in his achingly intimate alt-indie-rock single, Been There Before

Austin Texas-hailing artist Vince Spano left our hearts raw and our ears honeyed with his alt-indie-rock latest single, Been There Before. He’s been on our radar for a while, but with each new release is a new testament to his consistent development as an expressionist and artist.

It is always a pleasure to track the progression of an artist; to bear witness to Spano’s development, which happened in such a short span of time, has only affirmed what we already knew about this inspiringly talented artist. He is an icon in the making, and if anyone can revive the love for rock, it is Spano.

The introspective lyrics are just as intimately vulnerable as the instrumentals, which amp up the wistful melancholy through the gentle tremolo guitars, soft focus and harmonic backing that contrasts his grungy rock vocal timbre.

Here’s what Vince Spano had to say on his latest release:

“Been There Before is a continuation of my last single, conveying a more emotional approach to the same subject. In this track, my sound pays homage to the rock music I grew up with, but it is also fresh and new, entwining nostalgia and innovation.”

Been There Before was officially released on October 7th, ahead of the upcoming EP, The Prescribed Project. Check it out on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast