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Those special moments within: Terry ‘Jahz’ Lewis brings some much compassion on ‘Love’s All’ (ft. Robert Ball, Jeremy Ledbetter and Dave West)

Terry Jahz Lewis is back with his latest song from ‘Rise Up Universe‘, as he brings a quality team with him on ‘Love’s All‘ (ft. Robert Ball, Jeremy Ledbetter and Dave West).

The flamboyancy here on this new single is like a bright buoy out in the storming seas on 2020. The passionate piano rhythm revs you up and gets you in the mood to have a cold beverage and be close with that special person in your life.

Love is really all we need to be happy. Whilst so much of the world is made out of fake toys, indecision and unnecessary distractions, this marvelous song brings that truthful perspective to think about what life and love really entails. It doesn’t matter how much money, power or gadgets you have, it’s all about that simple moment when you look inside their eyes and you gaze all night, laugh and smile at each other. That is all it’s really about as being completely honest and supportive binds up the trust and energy, to transfix your souls together as one.

Love’s All‘ (ft. Robert Ball, Jeremy Ledbetter and Dave West) from the exuberant talent of Terry Jahz Lewis¬†is such a blessing to heat up your blanket after this cold and dark year This is a beautifully crafted song, full of glorious vocals and a piano section that mixes so lovely together plus some intimate guitar playing of the highest standard. 2020 just got that class stamp back and this is a special moment to treasure.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen