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A song about loss and love from Fletcher, James on ‘Ten Years’

A sad song about loss and love from Fletcher, James on his new single about his lost Mother on ‘Ten Years‘.

You miss her so much, you love her even more now that you did. It’s been a long and sad 10 years since she was here and she was your core. The love was there as she brought you up and she would be so proud now. You are making music and doing what you love.

With a glorious start, full of rhythm and soul, you can feel the moving moment right before us. This is a man who has kept the grief of this loss inside for far too long. Lock-down has enabled this song to be made and this is a touching tribute. Mom is so proud. She is looking after Fletcher, James and ‘Ten Years‘ marks that closure that was missing for so long. This is about that real love and we can all relate. Sometimes you need to grieve and be strong.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen