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EONE X MARAM fly into unimaginable places so high in the sky on TEMPERED

Featuring vocals from Bahraini soul artist MARAM, EONE X MARAM‘s TEMPERED is a rather delightful statement to plunge into with much mass appeal and lip-licking delight and one to get soulfully excited about.

EONE is a Brighton-based electronic music producer, DJ and music lecturer who is known best for his performances at the legendary Ministry of Sound nightclub and radio all over the world.

With the ability to enhance any bass-heavy music style with his unique sound, Eone has become seen as one of the leading lights across the UK’s experimental Neogrime and Wave scene. Right off the bat from his Los Angeles debut for Tears in the Club, he has been securing prime-time DJ slots and last year played at Brussels and Prague shortly after. He has also just played his first-ever headline show in Budapest.” ~ EONE

EONE X MARAM‘s TEMPERED is one of those masterpieces which are rarer than the most exotic diamond. Feeling the energy and taking us to an extraordinary place to treasure no matter the weather is the mission, which has been skillfully navigated like an inspirational captain of the seas.

TEMPERED from Brighton-based electronic music producer/DJ EONE X MARAM is one of the most spectacular songs around right now and deserves to be on everyone’s mind. Thundering in with a heavy beat and so much intrigue, we find a rather stunning song to get thrilled about all night with the pj’s stretched to the max.

There are dreamy melodies to get involved inside like a night out on the town, that shall stay soaked into the mind forever.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen