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Mop It Up: Thug Muffin wants it all on sensual new single ‘Woo Woo’

With her team ready to clean up any mess that has been spilled, Thug Muffin revs up her desired senses with the honest new music video about her love for the ladies on ‘Woo Woo‘.

Grace Rizzo aka Thug Muffin is a quick-flowed hip-hop artist who sends us rampaging raps that has your curious mind in a hot spin, as you battle to stay on the road due to all the distractions around. She makes that party type of music which will send the shyest to blush corner and the more open-minded to turn up the volume.

This is the message of intent as she is done playing games and only looking to be with those who truly feel the same way. You feel her dynamic raps burst through the room, as the beat handily drops to catch your attention and has you looking twice.

Woo Woo‘ from the enthralling Thug Muffin, is a straight up story about her attraction for cute ladies — as she tells it how it is on a temperature-upping single which will surely have you looking for the air conditioner remote — as you look to cool down from this heat-filled rap single.

See this steamin’ new video on YouTube and check out the visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen