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Husband and Wife make beauty together: Seattle based Tekla Waterfield and Jeff Fielder calm our anxiety with ‘Trouble In Time’

Lockdown 2020 has been a horrible and deadly experience for so many in this torrid year. However, through sadness and misery, light and love makes its way through the smoggy smoke and gives us a massive and well-needed hug. Husband and Wife Indie-Folk duo Tekla Waterfield and Jeff Fielder are the architects of this revival with their latest song called ‘Trouble In Time‘.

The Seattle based duo have a gift of love and this new song pictures this year so perfectly. Things have so hard but we must remember the beauty that is still left in the world. Looking for the positive elements is a much-needed message of hope and speaks the truth.

With a stunningly pure voice and top quality guitar melodies that make you listen twice, Tekla Waterfield and Jeff Fielder are clearly at one with their relationship and make an incredible real team. This is a song to just turn on and reflect with, this is Indie-Folk at its very best.

Better days are on the way and ‘Trouble In Time‘ is a reflection on current events that is so eloquently sent forth to help all of our lonely hearts.

To hear this beautiful song go to Soundcloud and find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen