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Tejon Street Corner Thieves

Beggars Canyon serenaded the reaper with their Americana Folk musing on the human condition, Silver Lining

With the macabre murder folk proclivities of Amigo the Devil and the soul-affirming warmth of Tejon Street Corner Thieves, the Portland, Oregon-hailing band of Americana raconteurs, Beggars Canyon, breathed life into the existential reality of the human condition with their latest single, Silver Lining.

By staring mortality in the face and serenading the reaper with their arcanely uplifting vocal harmonies and authentic Americana Folk arrangement of folky strings, banjos, and guitars that insinuate that the devil made a pitstop in Portland before he went down to Georgia, Beggars Canyon extracted the pensive sting from the human experience with their endearing approach to song crafting which has allowed them to build a cult-like following and amass 13,000 monthly Spotify listeners.

Silver Lining was an all-too promising precursor to Beggars Canyon’s sophomore LP, Vol. II, which was released via Flail Records and is now available to stream and purchase.

Stream Silver Lining on Spotify and become part of the Beggars Canyon community via Facebook or Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast