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Lajze brings the world something so steamy it might burn fingers with Secret life of a Subflower

Fresh from previously intertwining our moods on Glue, Lajze has dropped something rather desirable and spine-healing to consume all fascinated minds with on her latest release, Secret life of a Subflower.

Lajze is an experimental London-based British/Polish singer-songwriter and composer who loves fusing in electropop to pulse our joints and give that spark back to the lost generation.

I want my music to tease and suck you in, put you in a trance. But also with my lyrics, I want to express female sexuality, boldly and delicately at the same time. I hope it empowers others, especially females to dig deep, get to know themselves, find their kinks, and explore them.” ~ taken from Lajze’s IG post here

Stunning all quiet hearts with a piercing sound, Lajze sizzles the snakes into their corner with an X-rated track to scare many and excite more to have fun again.

Secret life of a Subflower from the multi-creative Polish/British wonder Lajze is a seduction-packed experience to move even the most conservative souls amongst us. The lyrics are ear-tingling and the beat is rather intoxicating to the fullest possible realm, to stimulate emotions which were thought extinct before.

If you like it sexy unique and reloaded with desire, this might be the door you wish to open.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A&R Factory Present: DVWEZ

DVWEZ (pronounced Dames) is the creative outlet of Orlando, Florida based artist/producer Delia Albert. Her debut collection of songs PASTELS features “Tease”, a collaboration with production duo Bells and Robes and was produced in partnership with Chandler Strang. Here’s a quote from DVWEZ on the story behind her new release.

“PASTELS is me opening up about what I would consider to be the most authentic connection that I’ve felt with someone. It’s vulnerable both emotionally, as well as musically because this is my first solo project. Some of it is sexy, and other parts are not, but all of it is me just saying exactly how I feel.”