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Lost In Time: Baltimore’s San Junipero drop deep debut track on ‘Tears in Rain’

With their band Legends of Et cetera on a long-term hiatus for the time being, San Junipero bring the umbrella on the terrific debut that will have your curious ears perked up to attention, on the debut track called ‘Tears in Rain‘.

San Junipero is a music project of Utah Miller, a gender-fluid musician based in Baltimore, Maryland. This is the type of sound that is made from deep in the soul and transmits an original sound, that is authentically dusty and fresh groovy, well-made and filled with so much love.

The subjects of the songs are Miller’s personal experiences with mental health, drug use, movies, tv shows, wealth inequality, climate change, love, death, and robots.” – San Junipero

This is the sad story about those moments that are swept up in time, as you recall their memory and wish that they were still around to be with you. This is such an introspective story – and will take you places you forget existed – or where you wanted to forget to avoid hurt, but know deep down that you shouldn’t.

Tears in Rain’ from Baltimore-based San Junipero, is a stunning track and have indeed achieved the goal of creating something beautiful. With a reflective start, this song gets into the full flow after three minutes, and we are taken on a reflective ride that is quite remarkable. This is memorable track that has your heart in a flutter, as you remember those times when you didn’t get much sleep, as you stayed awake thinking about those lost friends who you really miss.

See this new YouTube audio and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen