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Tear Da Club Up Freestyle

You Moving Like A Dummy: Underground Bronx emcee Benjamin Splash rips it all up with ‘Tear Da Club Up Freestyle’

As he ravages the mic until it breaks before our astounded eyes, Benjamin Splash is in the mood to run his town with a fierce display that shows his spark-filled intentions on the explosive ‘Tear Da Club Up Freestyle’.

Benjamin Splash aka Da Benjamin Bandit, is a hungry Bronx, New York-based indie rapper. He makes that old school type tracks that are full of proper lyrics, as he pays respect to the forefathers while also clearing space for his own lane to be built.

This is the expressive story about meeting a lovely girl who has been used to being with broke guys before and isn’t accustomed to this type of class, as she enjoys the moment and lets you know that she is indeed for real. From dealing with small-minded dummy’s who don’t get how things should work – she is impressed enough to show you her valuable contacts – so you both become much stronger in this dog-eat-dog kind of world.

With a menacing flow that is packed full of heartfelt vigor and successful determination, this is an underground freestyle full of vicious rhymes that are street-smart and truly bankable.

Tear Da Club Up Freestyle‘ from the Bronx, New York bandit hip-hop solo artist Benjamin Splash, is a glorious gem from a fired up rapper who feels like things are on the up and he is running the movements around his spot. His electric bars spill all over the one dollar bill strewn club’s sticky floors, as he shows that he is indeed the truth.

In a wild city that can either make or break you in a click of a mouse, this is a worthwhile track from a fast-rising hip-hop artist on a mission to reach the top.

Fill your mind with this street poet on Soundcloud and to see more news, click on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen