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Tea Lady

London-based folk artist John Lion releases new lyric video for his latest creation, ‘Tea Lady’

After impressing us with his previous single ‘The Sun Is Up‘ from July 2021, John Lion shows us the first single off his upcoming EP that is due for release soon with the story all about the forbidden love he needs to forget on, ‘Tea Lady‘.

John Lion is a London, UK-based indie-folk singer-songwriter who makes a blend of music that is always sincere and filled with soothing soundscapes.

A folk tune that takes its inspiration from the likes of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and other folk heroes.” ~ John Lion

Bringing forth mellow energy that is packed with life and love that so many will possibly find eerily familiar, John Lion guides us inside his mind that has decided that his best friend is more important to him, that a romance that might not be possible anyway.

Tea Lady‘ from London, UK-based indie-folk singer-songwriter John Lion sends a picture of emotion that has many potential possibilities, but ultimately a dead-end if you want to keep that true friendship alive. He sings with an easygoing style that is rather unique and displays the truth to be shone so that it may set him free.

This is a track for anyone who has almost done something that could have shattered like glass all over the floor when you felt something that perhaps wasn’t reciprocated by the other side.

Love is rather harsh sometimes after all, should you fall feel tenderness with the wrong person.

See this new lyric video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen