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It Ends Tonight: Arsnøvä doesn’t want to wait anymore on TBD

After learning from the best and flowing through genre zones like a musician version of Rick and Morty, Arsnøvä hopes that a quick change is on the menu as he can’t wait to be close to an angelic wonder on TBD.

Arsnøvä aka NØVÄ is a Los Angeles, California-based indie alternative singer-songwriter, dance performer, and actor who grew up with music in church and fuses gospel, jazz, alternative, hip hop, and electronic music.

ARSNØVÄ was formally introduced to the music industry through interning for super-producer, Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley, who allowed him to sit in and learn from sessions with Justin Timberlake.” ~ Arsnøvä

Simmering with a self-enlightened atmospheric aura beyond what the world has heard so far, Arsnøvä might be one of the most exciting artists to emerge in recent memory. Giving us goosebumps throughout and swimming with so much life, this is a delightfully articulate single when the lights are down low.

TBD from Los Angeles, California-based indie alternative dancer and artist Arsnøvä is a glimpse-filled view of something which isn’t real yet. Sung with a full-throated intensity and packed with so much imagination and sizzling beats to get romantic with, this is a high-tempo single when emotions are at their peak.

Performed with dynamic excellence and soaring with a stunning vocal effort, we find a must-listen just waiting to be held close and played for hours on end.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen