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No Places Is Safe: Paint A Planet heat up all cold mountains with the dominant debut single I Am The Sun

Feeling the hectic storm brewing so much closer than before as the rumbles shake innocent trees nearby, Paint A Planet shows us where the light is and asks us to follow the path with the sensationally eye-opening single, I Am The Sun.

Paint A Planet is a Tampere, Finland-based indie alternative metal/rock band that makes the kind of superb treats which shall inspire the mind to think further into the soul.

Radiating with so much brilliance and charging all hearts into a flurry of sentiments, Paint A Planet turns up the volume and shall rocket a sensational ear-warmer to tell grandkids about in the future.

I Am The Sun from Tampere, Finland-based metal slashers Paint A Planet is the kind of sizzler which will change all perceptions and blossom into something different than before. This is a rather powerful experience which will deepen the emotions within all willing visitors.

Turn it up loud on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen