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Talk Is Cheap

Young Nutter rips in with Hip Hop’s ‘Talk Is Cheap’

Young Nutter aka Honey Jack $hawty hails from Carson in Los Angeles, California. He rips the script for his new track ‘Talk Is Cheap‘.

This is a new music video that reflects how life is right now for this talented young rapper. His flow is mellow but real and the beat is quite moody. The dark undertones shows us how Young Nutter is dealing with life. He is spending a lot of time alone but is still being very creative and loves Hip Hop.

Talk Is Cheap‘ from Young Nutter is all about how some people like to talk nonsense and act all fake. This is a rapper that is really living life and is determined to make it big no matter what the odds stacked up. He makes real Hip Hop and I love the real life video which shows us the inside of this artists mind.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen